State Of The Art Equipment

Here at One Dental Practice, we are passionate about delivering the very best dentistry to our patients and continually looking to learn about and use the latest technology and equipment.

Using digital x-ray we can show patients any problem areas in their mouths. The practice can proudly boast having one of the biggest, most well equipped LDUs (Local Decontamination Units) in Scotland.

Digital X-Rays & Imaging

Dental X-Ray MachineX-ray images are an important tool for a dentist as it allows us to see the actual structure of the teeth and jaws. All our x-rays are digital which means that the picture appears on the computer instead of on film. It gives us better quality pictures, allowing us to diagnose more precisely, particularly for restorative treatments. The result is that we can identify problems that may be missed with the human eye. Another huge advantage of digital radiography is that radiation is reduced by around 80%.



LDU (Local Decontamination Unit)

Local Decontamination Unit At One Dental Practice Inverness

A LDU or Local Decontamination Unit is a dedicated room where dirty sets of instruments and equipment are cleaned and sterilized. They are then transported in a clean box with a secure lid. The room has a dirty zone and a clean zone so clean and dirty instruments can not be mixed up. We have taken a lot of care when building this room to make sure patients always receive clean and sterile instruments during their appointments.