Why Check-Ups Are So Important?

A check-up gives us an opportunity to spot any dental problems and screen you for dental disease. This allows us to treat any problems early, preventing them from becoming worse and more difficult to treat in the future. Having regular check ups will allow us to make sure your mouth continues to be healthy.

How Often Should You Have a Check Up?

Generally we like to see our patients twice a year for a check up. We base this on individual needs and requirements, so you may find that we will invite you for a check up more regularly.

What Happens When You Come for a Check Up?

This is usually a short appointment and it is unlikely that we will do any treatment for you at this appointment. After finding out about your concerns and priorities, we will ask you some questions to ensure that we can treat you as safely as possible. Then we will have a look at your teeth and gums. We may also take some pictures or x-rays of your teeth.

If Problems Are Found During The Check-Up

Your dentist will explain the problem and advise you on the action that is needed to fix the problem. Another appointment can then be made for the treatment to be carried out.

If No Problems Are Found During The Check-Up

We will give you some tips and advice to keep your mouth healthy. We will then arrange to see you again in 6-9 months for another check up.