Interdental Brushes For Oral Health

Interdental simply means in between the teeth. Interdental brushes are for cleaning in between teeth and are an alternative to dental floss. They are designed for cleaning between the teeth, below the gum line and around bridges, crowns and braces. It is an important addition to tooth brushing.

Interdental brushes come in a number of different sizes which have different coloured grips. Many people find interdental brushes more comfortable to use and also quicker than dental flossing.

There are many different brands of interdental brushes but One Dental Practice recommend the TePe range which are available in eight different sizes from the pink 0.4mm brush to the black 1.5mm brush. You can choose a selection of sizes that are suitable for your personal needs. Your dentist or hygienist will tell you which sizes are best for you.

Instructions For Using Interdental Brushes

  1. Choose the correct size of brush and hold between thumb and forefinger.
  2. Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the brush if preferred.
  3. Slide the brush into the space between the teeth and push it down onto the gum
  4. Move the brush work backwards and forwards.
  5. Continue this process around the mouth in an ordered manner.
  6. After use rinse the brush and cover with a cap if provided.

After 2 or 3 uses, throw the brush away and start using a new one. This will prevent the brushes getting too worn to clean your teeth properly.