Teeth Whitening

Over time your teeth may become discoloured by tea, coffee and wine or maybe you are a smoker and your teeth are heavily stained. As you get older your teeth can also become more dark in colour due to the dentine layer becoming more visible. If this applies to you then teeth whitening could be the perfect solution and we recommend you discuss this with your dentist at your next visit.

Whitening involves placing a whitening gel into a tray and placing it onto your teeth as instructed by your dentist. The whitening trays are similar to sports mouth guards and are made exactly to fit your teeth. The whitening gel contains a chemical called carbamide peroxide that causes the teeth to become whiter.

Your dentist will check to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and then take an impression of the upper and lower teeth to allow them to make custom whitening trays that are made to fit your teeth and only your teeth. Your dentist will show you how to apply the whitening gel to the trays and fit it to your teeth. The trays are worn as instructed until your teeth have reached your preferred colour shade.

Tooth whitening is regarded as the practice of dentistry, it is a cosmetic dental procedure, and can only legally be carried out by a fully qualified dentist or under the instruction of a dentist.

There are risks involved with tooth whitening:

  • Burning or damage to the gums
  • Sensitivity of the teeth after whitening

Damage to the gums are avoided by providing you with a close fitting tray made to fit your teeth. If you experience sensitivity we can provide treatment to improve it.