Treatment Payment Options


Private Treatment

Private Patients

Private treatment allows us to spend more time with you and offer you every treatment option available, using the most up to date techniques and materials. This means that you pay at the end of each appointment for the treatment you have received.


Highland Dental PlanHighland Dental Plan

Monthly direct debits ensure that you are not hit with a big bill for unexpected treatment. The direct debit amount is worked out on the health of your mouth at the initial consultation.

Our Full Care Plan provides you with regular check ups and also all preventive and routine restorative treatment.

It also gives you dental accident and emergency insurance. This covers the cost of any dental accident and emergency treatment you need, even when you are on holiday, giving you peace of mind.


NHS ScotlandNHS Patients

We provide treatment under the National Health Service. This means that you get check ups for free, and the NHS pays towards your treatment cost, making the amount you pay less. We are restricted by the limitations and guidelines imposed on us by the NHS so we cannot offer every treatment under this payment option.